Tuesday, 20 September 2016


A thrilling moment from the royals' last visit to Canada.
 And may I just say that with the amount that one cost us, surely we could have treated them to a new red carpet. 

Depending on how you feel about the antiquated, no longer  relevant, offensively classist institution that is the British monarchy (I'd tell you how I really feel about it, but my grand-daughter is poised to marry into the family), you  may find the news of next month's tour of British Columbia and the Yukon thrilling. And if you do, it is my duty as an underpaid churl to dump clotted cream all over your joy by informing you that this fantastic little junket is going to cost Canada a bundle. Meaning that according to reports, we'll be picking up the tab for the royals' Northern exposure, which will no doubt include such historically important moments as troops inspections and Inuit greetings, to the tune of *reads number, blinks* WHAT? At that price, they'd DAMN WELL BETTER SWING THROUGH BRAMPTON! I'm not letting Piggly Wiggly marry somebody she's never even met!

EDITOR'S NOTE: *sighs* Well, judging from the size of that bottle she just opened, the mistress is done for the day, so I'll provide the pertinent information she left out: the cost. 
While the cost of the Canadian tour won’t be known until after the eight-day trip, past royal visits have yielded these patriotic price tags.
Will and Kate’s 2011 tour cost $1.2 million

A two-day visit by Princess Ann last year cost $128,000
The Queen’s 2010 nine-day tour came in at $2.79 million. 
MY NOTE: No wonder they're not revealing the cost of their tour until they're safely back in the motherland. Although if Kate pulls one of her infamous bum-flashes, it might just be worth it.