Friday, 30 September 2016


Photo by George Biard/Wikipedia
Today in "Things that Oozed from Donald J's Mouth," we have Trump admitting that he found 12-year-old Paris Hilton attractive. 
The Donald belched this runny tidbit during an interview with Howard Stern. 
While Trump was discussing women he did or did not find hot (hint: not that fat pig Machado), he brought up Paris Hilton.

“Now, somebody who a lot of people don’t give credit to but in actuality is really beautiful is Paris Hilton,” he said. “I’ve known Paris Hilton from the time she’s 12, her parents are friends of mine, and the first time I saw her she walked into the room and I said, ‘Who the hell is that?’ ”

He then went on to call Hilton “dumb like a fox” and admitted that he had watched her sex tape. 

About the only thing more shocking than this is the fact that anything this talking sphincter says still has the capacity to shock us. If he hasn't crossed your boundaries by now, you don't have boundaries. So please don't vote.    

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