Monday, 3 October 2016


Kim Kardashian would like you to know that she was robbed at gunpoint. And it's a fairly telling commentary that almost nobody believes this bullshit story.

In a story that's sounding more like a ratings ploy by the second, TMZ is reporting that porn star mother-of-the-year Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her lavish Paris apartment. The story we are being asked to swallow is that  five men disguised as police ordered the concierge to let them in, somehow muscled their way past Kim's useless personal security guards, almost ruined her fake lips by duct-taping them shut, threw her in a bathtub and then made off with $10 million worth of jewelry that was left precisely where they expected it to be. TMZ reports the thugs knew exactly what they were doing and "beelined" for the jewels, and that Kim pleaded for her life and said she had "two babies" that needed her. Don't worry, the kids weren't with her .... hahaha, as if, you guysThose kids are being raised by nannies for good reason 

Kanye heard the news of the insurance scam catastrophe while onstage in New York and cut his concert short to fly to Paris to fire EVERYBODY ... and to make sure Kim'
 boobs hadn't been injured. You don't mess with Kanye's personal belongings, yo.  

I'm not sure what to make of this tale, except I would note that Kim skipped Blac Chyna's baby shower for this trip to Paris, so if Blac and Rob were behind this stickup, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. *gun emoji, gun emoji, gun emoji*

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